Is there Membership Fee?

With effect from 10 Jan 2018, Club CSK will charge annual membership fee of S$50 upon sign-up and during renewal.


You will receive a Welcome Pack worth minimum $300

  • 1 $50 Cash Voucher on treatment by ClearSK
  • 1 10% Product Discount Voucher by ClearSK
  • 1 Complimentary Total Sun Shield SPF50 30ml worth $60
  • 1 Free Basic Treatment Invite per month for 3 months

Should you join Club CSK FB Private Group concurrently, you get free upgrade to Premium Treatment Invite per month for 3 months


**For existing members who join before 15 Jan 2018, your membership will end 30 June 2019



Can the membership renewal fee be waived?

Yes if you accumulate spending of $500 in Club CSK or $3000 in ClearSK Stores over the last 12 months



What are the Membership Benefits?

Being a Club CSK member, you are entitled to a list of privileges:

  • 10% Off when you purchase treatment packages at ClearSK group of aesthetics centre
  • Earn CSKPoints when making purchases online
  • Use your earned CSKPoints to shop online
  • Receive latest news on our services, promotions and events
  • Enjoy Birthday Specials on your Birthday
  • Enjoy Referral Benefits
  • *Priority service at ClearSK group of aesthetics centres
  • *Enjoy complimentary products or services sponsored by our associates
  • *Invitation to Free Treatment
  • Free diagnostics for your skin and body concern and *consultation with doctors
  • *Join ClubCSK FB Group and get free upgrade to Free Premium Treatment invite 

*Terms & conditions apply



How to join Club CSK Facebook Group?

You can send us your request to join by clicking here



What are the Membership Types?


Classic Member


This criteria is open to new sign-ups of Club CSK.


Unique Benefits:

  • Earn up to 4% CSKpoints for every purchase *
  • Enjoy Free Basic Treatment invite*


  • Priority in appointment slot for selected treatments
  • Birthday Gift on your Birthday month
  • Complimentary product or service add-on


Elite Member


This criteria is open to Classic (Existing) members who join Club CSK FB Group.


Unique Benefits:

  • Earn up to 8% CSKpoints for every purchase *
  • Entitled to exclusive privileges that are being offered from time to time 
  • Enjoy Free Premium Treatment Invite*


  • Priority in appointment slot for selected treatments
  • Birthday Gift on your Birthday month
  • Complimentary product or service add-on
  • Access to “Ask the Experts in Private


Terms & conditions apply.



What does the Birthday Gift Pack consist of?

Birthday Pack worth up to $300 

  • 1 Hydrabright Facial Treatment Voucher by ClearSK worth $160 (Elite member only)
  • 1 Birthday Cake Voucher
  • 6 ClearSK Aqua Radiance Mask worth $115
  • One Referral Treatment Voucher for your friend


Terms & Conditions

  • Cut-Off Date for NEXT Month Birthday Members to receive Birthday Pack is 25th of Current Month
  • Members must update their birthday via the Profile Update Form
  • Members who update after 25th of current month will receive the Birthday Pack on their next Birthday (unless they notify within their birthday month, then they will receive in the following month)
  • Member will receive Birthday Pack by calendar year. Eg if member birthday is in March but she only sign up in April. This means she will receive the Birthday Gift Pack on next March.
  • Management reserved the rights to request member for personal identification ID to verify date of birthday and change the Birthday Pack benefits without prior notice.



How to receive Monthly Free Treatment Trial?

All New member will receive One Free Treatment Trial for 3 consecutive months upon signup.


Thereafter to entitle to Monthly Free Treatment Trial, member will be required to spend minimum $300 in ClubCSK eStore or $900 in ClearSK stores in each Quarter of the year to be rewarded with 3 Free Treatment Trials in following Quarter. The 4 Quarters of the year are January - March, April - June, July – September and October – December.


Example A

Member A spent $50 in January, $200 in March in Club CSK eStore. Total spending for Q1 January - March is $250. Member A will not receive three Free Treatment Trials in Q2 April - June


Example B

Member B spent $0 in January in Club CSK eStore and February, $1000 in March at ClearSK Stores. Total spending for Q1 January -March in ClearSK Store is $1000. Member B will receive 3 Free Treatment Trials in Q2 April – Jun.


Example C

Member C spent $500 in February in Club CSK eStore, $800 in March in ClearSK Stores. Member C will receive 3 Free Trial in Q2 April - June due to hitting minimum spending of $300 in Club CSK eStore



How does Club CSK Referral Program work?

The referring member will receive $50 Cash Voucher from ClearSK when your friend sign-up to be a member and quote your name in the sign-up form.



How to sign-up?

Please sign-up and pay the membership fee via Sign-Up Form . Your Member Account will be created by Club CSK when we received your payment. Member will receive an email with your login detail and Welcome Pack within 3 working days.



Can I view my account?

Yes, member can login to view their account to see personal data, purchase history, membership status and spending happening in Club CSK.



Is my account in Club CSK link to my account in ClearSK in-store?

Club CSK Please note that your account in Club CSK and ClearSK are not linked.



Can I update my personal data in Club CSK?

Member is not allowed to update their personal data directly in Club CSK. Please click here to update your profile if you need. Please note that we will request for proof of verification for change in Birthday and Identification No.







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